Vancouver rain in the days to follow – how I’ve missed it. Today I found a spider crawling about on my carpet. I trapped it in a jar. My first thought was to feed it to Dumpling, since he is an insectivore, then I remembered they are arachnids, so I googled ‘Can Hedgehogs Eat Spiders’. The answer was no. People also said that hedgehogs could die from a household spider’s bite. So I turned the jar over, shook the spider out, and smashed it with the jar. I immediately felt a sense of.. i don’t know. Maternal instinct? I think? It most likely is, seeing how I have never wanted kids (crying kids are helllllaa annoying)  and every day I look at the babies of people I follow on instagram and decide I really want one. And these days I daydream of raising kids and taking them to school and watching their games and being their best friend…. oh my god what is happening to you Sarah 

Good reads: 
VALIS by Philip K Dick 
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick 
The Minority Report by Philip K Dick 
Absolutely nothing by William Faulkner
Vol de Nuit by Antione de Saint Exupery 


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