//S P A CE // 

I really wanted to go for Electric Zoo but things came up which didn’t allow for Montreal and New York so I’ll settle for Digital Zoo I suppose (30th August, which is basically the date Electric Zoo begins ha ha ha) oh Sarah you’re so punny 

Anyway I’ve been cooped up seeping in Vancouver sunrise and sunset and everything beautiful about it and I make music inspired by it now –– (with only, like, one song up) because most people tell me to sing.. so I’m working on that. Or I’ll just ask someone to do it COLLABORATIVE CONSIGNMENT for audial pleasure. Aptly titled YVR because we all know that is the airport code for the best city in the world.. or not. These days I’ve been thinking of moving to Toronto or New York.. maybe New York when I’m brave enough. Or between 2015-2016 instead of Seoul haha. Wow the year 2015 looks INTO THE FUTURE but it’s really only two years away!!! 
I already know I’m going to dislike this post when I read this again but it’s morning now and I’m lightheaded and yep ok 
So that’s my life and stuff 

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