This happens all the time I re-read my entries and hate them all 

seriously i don’t even know if i should purge them or not because 1) i’m sentimental 2)i have a journal thing which basically also reflects the sentiments of  most of these posts but 3) it’s interesting to analyse myself and how i seem to want to appear to people (basically online blogging is like. a version of you that you construct and sell to the world) ok whatevs anyway 
things to get and do 
yay lists 
1. camera because dslrs are heavy n shit and i wanna use it to be like a tourist around canada and asia and europe and whatever 
3. google chromebook – bought this laptop this year and it’s failing me already. mac u suck 
4. clean my mac 
5. get a dog 
6. or a cat 
7. move before (5) and (6) 
8. find a suitable fuckin house 
9. i really doubt i’ll find a house though i think we’re just going to end up staying here for the next year because it’s right on campus and near safeway and the buses and everything saddy sad sad. plus we don’t even pay for utilities which is a plus because dumpling and i require heating 24/7 
10. hahahaha okay save my lungs 
11. be friendlier to people (i get this a lot. i have good intentions guys… i just somehow AM NOT ACCUSTOMED TO SMILING LOTS) 
12. get a sampler 
13. actually i’ve been looking as reptiles / armadillos as pets instead of dogs/cats (hahaha) but moving into different cities with them will prove difficult after graduation (i already can’t bring dumpling into singapore which is badbadbad). savannah monitors are super cool though. you can walk them on leashes and STUFF WATCH THIS VIDEO AND ARMADILLOS ARE LIKE NAKED HEDGEHOGS COVERED IN LEATHER. Cue tobias funke’s leather daddy. but apparently they like going through your trash a lot  so maybe an apartment wouldn’t be great) and i’m pretty sure they’re banned in more cities than hedgeys are. I’ve also been looking at snakes but reptiles are not jw’s thing. also his mom is going to have to look after the pets for a year so… maybe not. STILL. In an alternate, time accelerated universe I picture myself in a house by the lake with armadillos and deer running about my backyard

that is all  

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