Ode to a Starbucks Barista minus the rhyme scheme halfway

Oh Barista it’s so sad I do not know your name  
But thanks a lot for giving me extra caramel 
And more green tea than I deserve , it puts me to shame 
And then today you put New Order on the stereo
Then said you saw the XX and Bloc Party in New York
And told me that you gave a pineapple to Beirut
When I said I went to Bestival you did not mock 
Me, instead you said you were jealous, wow, you are cool  
Cool cool, I hope that you watch Community as well 
And maybe I will see you at Explosions in the Sky 
Or Beach House, or Washed Out, or CHVRCHES 

This isn’t an ode anymore 
But you have made my day 



This week has been a fulfilling week – coupled with insomnia, I have managed to achieve.. things. I’ve been cooking a lot, which is strange because a year ago, the best thing I could cook was somewhere between instant noodles and and a cheese omelette. This week I’ve been using avocados in practically everything I make, but I can’t help it.. why do avocados have to be so yummy AND healthy at the same time? (Fun fact: Avocadosare a superfood! They keep you full and prevent breast cancer, amongst other things)

Nonetheless I thought I would share whatever I’ve made this week with you, because the world needs to know how good they are and according to some theory in economics that I can’t remember, if they start to become commodity foods, the prices of avocados will go down. Somehow. I hope I’m right.. never liked Adam Smith to begin with. More of a Locke and Rosseau kind of person. (I do realise the irony here but whatever I was trying to make a point, OK?)

After the jump:

2013-07-15 11.38.31
(Mostly avocado goodness but I’ve thrown in an egg recipe in there I promise)  Continue reading


You are Vancouver at the crack of dawn when I watch you in your sleep

Jay does my makeup

I am very camera shy excuse my behaviour 


Wore my six-year-old Broken Social Scene shirt out today and got a lot of compliments (mostly, ‘that’s a cool shirt’), but it counts… right? There’s is absolutely nothing wrong in using a shirt (or a hedgehog) to get people to like me.. I think?

I’ve been suffering from insomnia this week. It’s weird how people have started slipping undiagnosed medical problems into conversations.. My sleeplessness has been useful in getting me to do things (and complete them). Like, watching 6 Seasons of 30 Rock within a week. Which is what I mostly did, but it’s an accomplishment because I can now quote Liz Lemon and Mr DonaghEE whenever the situation’s appropriate. The same way I slip AD and The Office references into conversations with people who GET IT.(<<<< any guesses?)  And also finishing and cleaning up whatever music I’ve made. Which brings me to my next point!! Which is basically how I found a very convenient record studio / label.  I really just want to use the studio. Working on the floor has done my back no favours let me double check nooooope it certainly hasn’t . I’m really, really tired, but I’m also really happy. I think a year ago I wouldn’t have believed that I would be the me I am today. I’ve chased my dreams and now I spin on my own hemisphere. I used a hemisphere for a reason – you are the other half and we spin and spin separately, cohesively and concurrently in our bubble. Our bubble. So thank you for always being supportive of me, and encouraging me to do the things I don’t want to do because of my (seemingly low) gage of self esteem. I think I’ve learned a lot from you. 

To make this less mushy here’s the link to the best song off Magna Carta Holy Grail. Mr Carter you surprise me   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YcIgow6TDk


Jay and I did the My Boyfriend Does My Makeup tag but youtube has failed on me for the millionth time. The same way Shaw internet service fails on us on a daily basis… and for the last time today! Tomorrow Telus will solve our cable woes. Onward! 

It seems like everytime I an going somewhere I get the past creeping up in me again .usually it’s Singapore. The city and it’s people that  i have grown  to dislike. I don’t know What it is about it but bad energy is bad energy wherever you go… just killed a tiny green bug unknowingly while typing this in the dark. Again. On my phone. I would Take a picture but jw is fast asleep. I just found a weevil on me. I am beginning to dislike summer and it’s insects and the life it brings to my hair .. 


I had chilli padi today (or as people here call it ‘birds eye chilli’). smartly announced that my mother loves it and that she eats it daily, and then I proceeded to have a little bit of it. Like, literally half a stem of chilli padi. Minutes later I find myself on the laminated wooden floor in the bathroom of a very urban Thai restaurant (think beach house, foals, the arcade fire playing at the bar) throwing up a bloodstorm. Often I ask myself why I try to prove that I am very southeast asian in the company of non southeast asians. This is always a bad decision. Like the time I went to a Malaysian restaurant and to show that I knew a lot about the food I was ordering I ended up having two of everything. Two appetizers. Two mains. Two orders of teh tarik. And a whole lot more.

Went down West 4th today: saw a whole lot of typewriters and WILDFOX and a lot of other interesting stuff. Also went record hunting! Rediscovered bands I completely forgot about. like Spiritualized and Mother Mother. And things I forgot about. Like frozen yogurt.

I feel like I vomited my soul out. I am lying here in bed staring at this page making a typo every five words or so. As Spiritualized would say – f l o a t i n g   i n   s p a c e   x …. or maybe in my own delirium.